Soak and steam away the Monday blues


If the pictures of the hot tub and squat sauna at cityWell Brooklyn look as though someone just created a spa in the backyard of a brownstone, well, it’s because that is essentially what happened. But therein lies the charm of this boutique bathhouse in Gowanus. It’s easy to get to (which makes it easier to visit on a weeknight than, say, a trip to Brooklyn Banya) and through a new, tightly capped reservation system, there will always be room for you to either soak in the hot tub, shvitz in the steam shower or roast in the cedar sauna. Summertime is likely an even more relaxing season to be here, but it’s also wonderful to get so hot that you don’t feel the February cold as you relax under the stars. There are a few community hours throughout the week, but the 6pm-8pm open hours for men and women on Mondays is typically the least crowded. Once you steam yourself silly, you are just a few minutes away from Littlefield, home to the best Monday night comedy show, Butterboy, or the Robert Sietsema approved Mexican restaurant, Claro. Open hours are $40. You can add a clay mask on to the session for an extra $5. Advance reservations are a must. 

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