A popup spa like no other


So this admittedly sounds a little kooky and details are vague, but if you’ve got no plans on Saturday, May 19 you might consider a trip to Ridgewood to experience The Oddly Satisfying Spa, which is being billed as “a digital-era day spa in which high-brow wellness culture meets mass internet trends.” From what I can gather, it is a popup, immersive experience that allows guests to wander through various rooms, Sleep No More style, in order to explore a variety of multi-sensory “treatments” involving glitter slime, ambient plant music, kinetic sand, and more “oddly satisfying” media. Tickets are $40 for a 90-minute session, which is a small price to pay for primo relaxation, and the spa is only open through Sunday. It goes without saying, but you probably want to queue up your Instagram app if you decide to give it a whirl.

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