Movie night at Green-Wood and the Cheesemonger Invitational in Greenpoint


Love cheese? Uh, yeah, who doesn’t? Get even more into it on Saturday at the Cheesemonger Invitational going down at the Brooklyn Expo Center from 3-9pm, where you’ll see 30+ of the country’s best cheese experts compete on technical skills, salesmanship, and knowledge in the hopes of being crowned best cheesemonger in the country. Tickets aren’t exactly cheap at $80 a pop, but that gets you all-you-can-eat cheese, charcuterie, fondue, grilled cheese, beer, wine, and ice cream (so pretty much all the best things that one can ingest in this world).

It’s summer now, and those of us who have lived in Brooklyn for a while know that the next 8-10 weeks will bring more outdoor movie viewing options than a normal person can possibly know what to do with. (We’ve got a calendar so you can keep track of them all.) For fun, throwback, classic flicks that you’ve probably already seen a dozen times, nothing beats the movies in Red Hook, McCarren Park, or Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you’re looking for lesser-known indie titles screened in offbeat venues, though, don’t sleep on Rooftop Films’ summer schedule. This Saturday night, you can get to know your neighbors at the annual New York Non Fiction program, a collection of short documentaries made by and about average, everyday New Yorkers, in the pastoral setting of Green-Wood Cemetery, complete with a live music intro and an afterparty. Tickets are $16 and the fun starts at 7:45pm.

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