Matters of the heart at HealHaus and at Brooklyn Steel with Regina Spektor


Of all the new wellness centers we profiled recently, HealHaus offers the most eclectic programming, and the Clinton Hill space itself is worth seeing in person. On Tuesday night, August 7, there are a few different classes to choose from. You could head to Transcendental Meditation from 5:30-6pm, an open-level yoga class starting at 6:15 and from 7:30-9:30, a workshop on Heart Magnetics and how to “program your body with ideas you want to see and believe.” This may sound a bit too like something Goop would recommend, but the cost is a very accessible $25. Even better, there is a beautiful back porch where you can relax and enjoy a tea or elixer from the in-house cafe.

If you are a devotee of Regina Spektor’s soul-seeking, ass-kicking singing and songwriting, the musician plays Brooklyn Steel Tuesday night as well. Tickets are $60.

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