Revisiting Film Forum


Iconic New York moviehouse Film Form has just reopened after a $5 million renovation to improve sightlines, upgrade the seating and add on a new movie theater. See their improved digs on Wednesday, August 8, when you have a pick of repertory and foreign films to choose from. The Atomic Cafe is a funny but scary mashup of TV, educational, military, and movie footage about the Atomic Bomb that is all too relevant given North Korea’s unchecked nuclear dreams. French gangster film Touchez Pas Au Grisbi is filled with double crossings and shootouts, but also a touching portrayal of male friendship. Velvet Underground fans will enjoy the documentary about the band’s chanteuse, Nico, 1988, and the award-winning, No Date, No Signature, set in modern Iran, examines the mysterious death of an 8-year-old boy through the lens of class dynamics.

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