The easiest-to-learn programming language is 1 course away at General Assembly

Python is the holy grail of modern programming languages.

Not only was it recently crowned the most popular programming language on the market, but Python (named for the British sketch comedy troupe) is also among the easiest to learn — and the most versatile. Big names like Google and NASA have utilized its code to launch everything from an Instagram feed to a space shuttle. And its everyday uses span AI, Hollywood special effects, web development, data analysis, and more.

That’s why General Assembly is introducing its new Python Programming course, starting September 24. If you’re in search of indispensable, in-demand skills, set your sights on Python. With help from experts, you’ll:

• Design and build a custom web or data application.

• Explore special topics like data science and web development, applying Python skills to data visualization or web applications.

• Discover how Python-powered chatbots, machine learning models, and more can unveil compelling business insights and streamline workflows.

Request a syllabus to preview the curriculum up close.

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