A pottery class, or any class, before summer ends


This is the week where you think of all the things you didn’t do this summer. Rather than throw in the towel, do something that will make you feel like you actually experienced something new, say through Airbnb. While I’ve always eyed their “experiences” warily — like what, we need to pay to have an authentic experience in a new city?  — they can actually be a backdoor to cool classes. Butler, for instance, offers frequently sold-out baking classes with its Michelin-starred pastry chef, Ryan Butler. (They are on hold till September.) I personally would love to try my hands at pottery, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a $45 class for that too, with spots left this Friday, August 31, and many other dates to choose from. The hidden benefit is that you can be very spur-of-the-moment about it. Have fun exploring all the offerings. 

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