Learn digital marketing IRL at General Assembly {sponsored}


It’s easy to figure out what you need to do in real life to advance your business or brand. Knowing how to manage it online is another story.

If you’re still a novice at SEO or digital advertising, potential customers or readers or clients can easily overlook, or worse, never discover your company online. And if you hire someone to do those things for you, you’ll never be able to understand their reports or give them clear direction unless you have at least some working knowledge of digital marketing.

General Assembly’s Digital Marketing course gives you the framework you need. Using your own business or a sample one they provide, you’ll work toward creating an effective marketing plan for it by using every trick in a digital marketers’ playbook. It demystifies Facebook ads, Google Ads and Analytics, keyword searches, retargeting and decodes all those acronyms you pretend to understand, from CPMs to CTRs. 

I know, because I took the class, and no longer feel like I’m winging some of the most basic aspects of running Brooklyn Based.

The classes are offered in 10-week or 1-week intensive sessions, online and in their Flatiron district campus. The next sessions begin September 17. Check out the syllabus here, or come to their next Intro to Digital Marketing class this SATURDAY. 

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