Sunday in Brooklyn: Resist, persist, and stand up for women


A few weekends ago when I was doing some leisurely shopping in Park Slope, I got to chatting with Diana Kane, the very cool proprietress of the women’s clothing boutique on 5th Avenue that bears her name. I had vaguely noticed that the store had taken on a more political tone lately—there’s a huge display of tanks and tees emblazoned with “Feminist” in gold lettering, and a year or so back, I’d even bought two prints from a series of portraits of famous women that now covers an entire wall near the entrance—but as Kane and I commiserated about the Kavanaugh debacle, I learned that she was moved to action after Trump was elected and has been a one-woman tornado of resistance ever since. She let me know about Persisticon, a fundraiser she organized to raise money for Emily’s List that’s happening at The Bell House this Sunday, and I was instantly into it—after all, it involves performances by some awesome comedians and artists like Janeane Garofalo, Murray Hill, Abbi Crutchfield, Theo Kogan, Emily Caine, Kerry Coddett, Jo Firestone, Evelyn McDonnell, Negin Farsad, Ashley Nicole Black, DJ Tikka Masala, and many more. The show starts at 7pm, and tickets start at $50, but remember that your money is going to help elect progressive, pro-choice women and equalize the representation of all genders in government. It’s also an inspiring reminder that, like Kane, any of us can harness whatever platform we have available to us to effect lasting change—we’ve just got to start somewhere.

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