A fond farewell at Videology and a Suspiria-themed party


Videology, the Williamsburg screening room/bar/home of the best bar games like Stranger Things Bingo, is closing on Oct. 27, the height of horror flick season. The bittersweet celebration on their closing day involves a tribute to the 1977 Italian cult horror classic, Suspiria, whose remake is now in theaters. There will be three back-to-back screenings starting at6:15pm, a free glass of “witches wine” straight from the Black Forest, the setting of Dario Argento’s original film, in which an American student travels abroad to study ballet, only to discover her school is pretty supernatural. You can also skip the film, and just dress up for the Suspiria Halloween Costume party, enjoy other Italian horror films on loop and the transformation of the space into the Tanz Dance Academy of Freiburg. The day starts at 12pm, plenty of time to toast their 15 years over themed drinks.

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