Breathwork and retail therapy at the new Maha Rose


This fall, Angela Brussel profiled Brooklyn’s original wellness center, Maha Rose, on the eve of its expansion. Well, the renovations are done, and now is a perfect time to check out the new space and shop, where you can find all manner of gifts for yourself and your spiritually-minded besties. Tuesday, Dec. 11, would be a good time to take some time out of this chaotic, unhealthy month, and focus on yourself during one of their popular breathwork classes. (Another BB contributor, Meredith Craig de Pietro, featured one of Maha Rose’s breathwork classes in her round-up of “natural highs” earlier this year, and left feeling euphoric.) The hour and a half “Breathe… and Watch Your Life Transform!” class, which begins at 7pm, is $50, and you can register here. 

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