Sunday in Brooklyn: Christmas Carousing


On Sunday, get in the holiday spirit with a live performance by the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, which includes seasonal music in the form of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Christmas Suite,” at the Brooklyn Museum. Tickets are $20 and the show starts at 2pm. Afterwards, if you’re looking for culinary inspiration for your holiday festivities, sample a wide gamut of Christmas confections at Saturday’s Brooklyn Cookie Takedown at Lot 45. More than 20 local bakers will be putting their best gingerbreads, shortbreads, and chocolate crinkles forward to be judged by the cookie monster masses from 3-5pm.  A ticket to all-you-can-eat baked goods bacchanalia will run you just $25. Still got energy to spare? Head into Manhattan at 6pm for the 27th annual Unsilent Night public artwork/holiday caroling party, which starts at the arch in Washington Square Park and ends about a mile later in Tompkins Square Park. As he does every year, composer Phil Kline will lead a parade of people carrying boomboxes playing pre-recorded tracks that together create an unforgettable mobile sound collage. The phenomenon has spread to 124 cities on 5 continents, but NYC is where it all began in 1992.

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