Get a grape start to 2019 at La Cafette


Well, it’s not even MLK Day, and it’s already clear. My New Year’s resolutions were a little ambitious. But it’s still early, so I’m going to give myself a pass and swap in a much more achievable 2019 goal: up my wine game. If you, too, are ready to do better than picking a bottle based solely on the label design (please tell me I’m not the only one), clear your Tuesday night for La Cafette’s new monthly wine series.

The Williamsburg bistro is kicking things off on Jan. 15 with a 6pm class centered around Bordeaux and burgers. Over the course of 80 minutes, you’ll learn about the history of French wines and test your newfound knowledge with tastings of five offerings from the Bordeaux region, each carefully matched with a burger pairing. So grab a $50 ticket and commit to a more cultured year. It beats going to the gym.

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