Take this $10 to spend locally with Cinch

As the city smarts (or gloats) over Amazon’s breakup with NYC, there is a new tech company that is trying to make it more fun, easy, and affordable to shop locally.

Cinch is a community of people and neighborhood businesses using a payment app that lets you save up to 30% when you spend your dollars locally for wine, dinner, fitness classes, and basic necessities using Cinch. And first-time users get $10 toward your first purchase with code BB10.

You just download it, enter your location (right now Williamsburg and Park Slope are available for Brooklynites, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens will be added shortly) and find participating spots to stretch your dollar. In Park Slope, you could take money off your tab at Blok Hill, Motherdough Pizza, Haab Mexican, Chocolateria, String Thing Studio, Bricolage, VFDesign Studio plus many more. In Williamsburg the options are even more extensive at the moment with locals like The Bottle Shop, Clyde’s, Eco Dog NYC, Midnights, Di Fara’s, Organic Planet Pharmacy and Fine Wines & Liquor in on the deals.

We tried this new-fangled payment system ourselves at Organic Planet Pharmacy in Williamsburg recently. Instead of pulling out our debit card, we just entered the purchase amount plus a discount code in the Cinch app and voila!, it lowered our tab by 15%. Plus, we discovered a new health goods store for homeopathic meds.

This is the point, really. Cinch incentivizes you to keep your dollars local with daily and weekly benefits. It may be far easier to Seamless and Amazon your life to the point where you barely need to step out your door. But where is the fun in that? It’s the mom and pops who make your neighborhood great, and Cinch is a way to support them.

Cinch also supports local causes by allowing you to choose your favorite local charity or cause to donate a portion of all your transactions to!

Try it out this week using the code BB10 to get $10 off your first purchase using Cinch.

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