Cringe-watch Mortified at Littlefield


While the horrors of adulthood, with its myriad of anxiety-inducing responsibilities, and exotic aches can be daunting, it’s good to take stock of your personal journey and realize you’ve hurtled past the point in life where you’re scared your crush will find out that you like them, into signaling to dozens of strangers via the swipe of your screen that you’d consider touching them. Enter Mortified, an excavation of adolescent journals, art, poetry, and all the other hormone-dipped ephemera that we kept hidden in our closets, or anonymously posted on LiveJournal, depending on where you land on the Millenial spectrum. Presented live on stage by their creators,  vulnerable and eager to share a cringe with a crowd. Tickets are $12, and as with many events at Littlefield, seating is limited and the standing room gets packed. Arrive

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