Brooklyn Folk Festival


The annual Brooklyn Folk Festival put on by The Jalopy Theatre & School of Music is back this weekend at St. Ann’s Church, and Saturday is a great time to go get your fix of bluegrass, folk, country, Dixieland jazz, blues, and the like. As in years past, a diverse, impressive list of talent from all over the country and even beyond will congregate in Brooklyn Heights for a bunch of foot-stomping fun, along with film screenings, interactive workshops, and more. Saturday’s lineup includes jug and string bands, banjoers, square dancing, an open signing session, the NYC premiere of American Epic, and a live performance by the great Jerrod “Blind Boy” Paxton, among many other highlights. An all-day pass is $40, but there are cheaper ticket options available as well.

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  1. Liam Patterson -

    Great! In fact I’ve seen the performance of a jazz band in Arlington and they were quite professional. Thanks for sharing the information and keep posting more.


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