The Coney Island roller coasters you have to brave


Photo: Kara Zuaro

It doesn’t really feel like summer until you’re swinging over the boardwalk, feeling the sand in your shoes and the wind in your hair. Luna Park, has around 25 rides, including the kid-friendly swings pictured above. Of course you’ll need to ride the Cyclone, a land-marked wooden roller coaster built in 1927, known for is its rickety roar, clicking and clacking like it could fall apart at any moment during its tight turns and steep drops. But if you prefer a more modern coaster with a bigger adrenaline rush, the 115-foot vertical lift of the Thunderbolt is even more terrifying than the vertical drop that follows it. Luna Park offers single-ride tickets and day passes, but you’ll need to pay separately to ride Coney Island’s iconic Ferris wheel, which is part of Deno’s Wonder Wheel, an adjacent park with a wider array of kiddie rides. Luna Park is located at 1000 Surf Avenue, and Deno’s Wonder Wheel is located right next-door at 3059 Denos D. Vourderis Place. 

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