Winner, winner, lobster dinner


When it comes to vaunted summer delicacies, it’s hard to beat a classic lobster dinner, which consists of a small steamed lobster served intact, fresh corn on the cob drenched in butter, cole slaw, a side of potatoes, and a cold can of beer. The problem is that if you don’t live in Maine or on Cape Cod, it’s tough to find a casual place that knows how to do this right without blowing up your monthly restaurant budget. Enter Red Hook Lobster Pound, which is celebrating “new shell season” for the third year in a row by slashing prices on this staple of its menu starting on Monday, September 23. Every night during Lobster Week, the lobster dinner is just $25, with an optional beer or wine pairing for $5 more. Reservations are required, but that hassle is nothing compared to the 6+ hour drive on the 95 to Portland. 

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