Marathon Sunday


It’s the first weekend of November, and that means the New York City Marathon is here! As you probably already know, the Brooklyn portion of the route is longer than in any of the other boroughs, and it’s a great place to watch because it’s early in the race and you can get close to the action. The forecast is sunny and mild, and as this New York Times article notes, 4th Avenue and Fort Greene are two of the best vantage point for spectating, so grab some friends and cheer on the runners. The start times vary, with the first wave starting at 8:30am and the last at 11am, and if you know a runner’s name or bib number, you can track their progress with this app. When you’ve had enough, head to a bar for an afternoon beer—if that’s your thing—to toast the incredibly hard work and tenacity that so many athletes have put on display. 

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