Sunday in Brooklyn: A procrastinator’s shopping salvation


If you are one of those amazingly organized people who already has a present for everyone on your holiday list, well, kudos to you my friend. I guess you are going to spend this weekend getting receipts in order for your tax return or alphabetizing your spice rack or whatever it is that people like you do with your spare time. People like yours truly, however, will be running around like lunatics spending too much money and standing in interminable lines trying to ensure that we have the perfect thing (or really just A thing) for each of our nearest and dearest. Fellow procrastinators, perhaps we can mitigate the shopping nightmare of our own doing by getting the whole enchilada done and dusted at the Renegade Craft Fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center this weekend. Not only will there be dozens of artists, designers, and makers selling unique and beautiful items that you’ll feel good about giving, but you can take the edge off with a cocktail or two! The fair is open from 11-5pm both days. 

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