New food festival celebrates a delicious Mexican pairing


It’s Leap Day, and in my opinion one of the best ways you can spend a free bonus day is by tucking into some delicious food. Saturday presents a pretty special opportunity to get your grub on with Bowl of ‘Zole, a new food festival in Williamsburg highlighting pozole and mezcal. Tickets start at $55 and include tastings of nearly a dozen different varieties of comforting hominy stew prepared by some of the city’s most celebrated Mexican chefs, including Cosme Aguilar of Long Island City’s Case Enrique (as it happens, I had an excellent dinner at that very spot just last week and can attest to Chef Aguilar’s skills). That’s not all though—attendees will also have the chance to choose from 50 different kinds of smoky mezcal to accompany the pozole. The event runs from 1-4pm and sounds like the makings of a lovely Leap Day afternoon.  

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