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While the world is under strict hibernation mode, spring is surfacing. Whether we are ready or not, the crocuses have jammed their heads through barren soil, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and the weather has started to warm up. Although it may not be safe to freely roam for another month (or longer), you can bring spring to your living room with a selection of plants and cheerful planters. Many small businesses are still open for business, working and shipping from their apartments, and you’ll be doing a bit toward helping them survive until their brick and mortars can reopen. (Be patient while you wait for shipments since often it is only the owner processing and delivering all the orders.) Nature can help ground us right now, and if you’d like to just put your hands in some dirt, we’ve also rounded up where to get your starter plants, as well as some virtual gardening classes for botanist beginners and plant mamas alike.

Spring Planters

Photo: Group Partner

Nude and NYC Planters $65

Brooklyn-based Group Partner’s boob and butt planters are a hoot, and their NYC shirt planter shows your NYC pride in your choice of three skin tones. It will look perfect next to your heart-shaped frame of Governor Cuomo. It’s small so you can buy a few of them and put them all over your house. 

Face planter $65

Along with their nude series, Group Partner’s face planters are one of the best things to happen to the home gardening industry. Equal parts adorable and creepy, these face pots would work individually or in a set. Their expressions are more align with what we are feeling during these uncertain days.

Hello Birdie Planter $28

Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store has been selling a ton of whimsical planters by Allen Design Studios in various sizes and shapes and this “Hello Birdie” planter is the only one left in stock, though the designer has more online. You couldn’t find a more perfect way to embrace spring.

Closed Mondays Hanging Planter $72

For apartment living, where side tables and coffee tables are necessary surface space, hanging plants can be a space-saving option. Also, it can give a bohemian look to any bland apartment. This modern spin on the macrame trend by Brooklyn textile brand Closed Mondays is pretty fresh and come in regular and large sizes. Plus, they come in so many cheerful color combinations!

The Sill Dolores Planter $37

Earthenware is a good foil to all the stainless steel surfaces built into most modern apartments. These cute planters will provide a cozy feel and come in sherbert shades that feel very Instagram friendly. If you’re sick of millennial pink, you could spring for mint. 


Spora Large Brass Planter $180

If you prefer your indoor plants to be as sophisticated as the rest of your space, you might like these circle brass planters from Greenpoint shop Light and Ladder which are meant to hang on the wall. Their geometric shape is modern while the small planter is perfect for small trimmings. It comes in white or grey, both have a clean aesthetic for even the most stringent minimalist.

Photo: @thesill

Starter House Plants

The Sill

The Sill is a great place to start your plant journey. The website (and brick and mortar) considers itself a judgment-free zone. Their slogan is “plant care is self-care” and that feels even more true today. Every plant comes with simple care instructions and access to the on-site plant experts who can answer any question or emergency you have. Ask them if you should place the plant in the bathroom or in your sunny kitchen. They even have a “Plants for Beginners” Monthly subscription box for $35/month where you will receive a new plant in a small earthenware pot each month.

Chelsea Garden Center

Chelsea Garden Center is the OG of plant stores. Started thirty years ago, the shop now has two locations (one in Williamsburg and one in Red Hook.) This is where you can get anything garden related—for the sprawling brownstone garden to the shrunken low-light windowbox. It’s also a great place to get houseplants and supplies. Order your all-purpose potting mix or specialty succulent soil, as well as a Plant Pack $40 (either for Low Light or Bright Light). A garden specialist will choose four plants from which plants are in season to be delivered with a handwritten care card.

Greenery Unlimited

If this is your first attempt at caring for a plant, you’ll be happy to find an entire section of houseplants at Greenery Unlimited called “Hard To Kill Plants.” Ranging from large Birds of Paradise plants $79 and up or a four-inch Jade plant for $9 and up, there is a plant for every surface of your house and the Greenpoint shop is delivering during the shutdown. Plus their website is chock-a-block full of articles and inspiration to get you going.


Photo: @thesill

Virtual Gardening Workshops

April 16, 1:00pm, Light and Environment Workshop, The Sill $10

Wondering the secret to keeping your plants alive? Tune in to learn the importance of light and placement in your home.

April 22, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Planning an Urban Vegetable Garden, Brooklyn Grange $25

Happy Earth Day! Spend the evening with Brooklyn Grange CEO and Co-founder, Ben Flanner, who will teach you how to grow the most veggies in the limited space that you have.

April 22, 6:30pm, How to Repot Your Plant Online Workshop, The Sill $10

Are your plants getting too big for their planters? Learn how to safely repot your houseplants.

April 23- May 9, A Four-Part Soil Fertility Intensive, Brooklyn Grange, $195 for all 4 classes

Gain a deeper understanding of soil health with longtime farmer and soil educator, Molly Culver. 

April 30, 1:00pm, Watering & Fertilizing Online Workshop, The Sill $10

This is the 101 course on watering and fertilizing your indoor plants. 

May 15, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Introduction to Microgreens, Brooklyn Grange, $25

What are microgreens and how can you grow them at home? Brooklyn Grange Microgreens Manager, Jane Scruggs, will walk you through the planting and harvesting process.

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