11/06/15 9:37am

Bet this isn’t what came to mind when you heard the word, “barn.” Photo: The Barn at Copake Lake

We love New York. Love it. Especially this time of the year. But to truly appreciate this city, you have to leave it from time to time. And boy have we lined up a great way to refresh, recharge and explore the Hudson Valley. We have not one, but two getaway packages that are, no kidding, so good.


10/29/15 2:49pm


It’s the busiest time of the year in New York City and as those mellow summer vibes start to fade to distant memories of beach days and long weekends, it’s all too easy to run yourself ragged. Keep that summer glow with this energizing wellness package. From an indoor cycling experience that will revolutionize your workout routine, to deliciously healthy dining while you’re out and about and at home, plus a smoothie delivery service–breakfast, handled–and a customized nutrition program designed just for you, this package will help you live your best life starting now. Enter now!

10/23/15 10:27am


There’s a certain freedom that goes along with freelancing or starting your own company–you get to be the boss. You work the hours you want to, take on the projects that excite you. The flip side though, is that well, you’re the boss. You have to be self-directed at all times and good at everything from social media and networking to bookkeeping and tax prep, on top of doing whatever it is that you love, be it writing and reporting, coding or design.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer this amazing prize package to a lucky independent worker out there–a little help can go a long way when you’re trying to get ahead. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and striking out on your own, maybe this is the leg-up you need to get started.

Grand Prize

  • Six-month membership at Cowork.rs, a sweet new co-working space in Gowanus
  • $500 gift certificate to Poppin, a New York-based design company that makes office supplies and furniture that are actually aesthetically pleasing
  • A class with Live in the Grey, a community that helps you figure out how to love what you do
  • A ticket to Indie Media Camp on Nov. 4, our annual conference designed to connect and cultivate independent voices in media (if you’re on the fence, go ahead and claim your space, they’re limited and we’ll refund you if you’re the winner!)

Two second place winners will each receive a three-month co-working membership.

Enter now to win!

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09/24/15 2:03pm


In a city full of food celebrations the Food Network and Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival is one of the most biggest and most impressive. We’ve collaborated with Time Out New York, Wine Awesomeness, Mister Spoils and the festival itself to give away four sets of tickets, to four different events:

Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite featuring Samsung® Culinary Demonstrations presented by MasterCard Come hang out with some of the biggest names in food (as well as a few kitchen-loving celebrities), including Andrew Zimmern, Valerie Bertinelli, Marc Murphy and Ted Allen and sample and sip from noon to 6pm on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Ramen Party hosted by The Fat Jew This late-night ramen slurp session held at the High Line Hotel is sure to be one of the biggest scenes at the festival. Saturday, Oct. 17, from 10pm to midnight

Best Bloody Mary Brunch hosted by the cast of Chopped Sunday afternoon, all the Bloody Marys, all the brunch, all the fun. Sunday, Oct. 18, 12:30pm-3pm

Meatopia presented by Creekstone Farms hosted by Michael Symon The one and only meat festival created by the late Josh Ozersky returns to New York in a rooftop, open-fire bacchanal of whole-roasted pigs, lambs, goats and more. Sunday, Oct. 18, 4pm-7pm

Enter now!


Official contest rules.

03/31/15 9:00am

MetroCard Sweeps 600x400

We get that the MTA needs some way to raise $15 billion dollars to repair a 110-year-old subway system that is getting less reliable, and more crowded each year. But how about taking it easy on the fare hikes, and finding a new way to foot the bill, like congestion pricing?

Unfortunately, the odds of that happening are far less likely than you winning an unlimited MetroCard for one full year. We know, because we’ve teamed up with the skint, DoNYC, Gothamist and Wakefield to offer one lucky reader 12 unlimited, 30-day MetroCards. We’ll select the winner on April 23, so enter now if you’d like to breeze merrily through the turnstiles for an entire year, nearly $1400 richer!

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02/08/15 7:57pm


Dinner parties. We love them almost as much as we love Brooklyn’s incredible restaurant scene, and in fact, some nights, with some groups, we love them even more. Entertaining though, can be a challenge when your dining room table is also your coffee table and your desk when you work at home. And when your oven door doesn’t open all the way because your kitchen is so small, and your main counter space is a cutting board you balance over the sink.

We have a solution for all that.

We’ve teamed up with merriment mavens from Feastly, Wine Awesomeness and Blood, Sweat & Cheers to offer a dinner party for you and seven friends, cooked by an up-and-coming supper club, in their space. You just bring your favorite people and the good food, and good wine, is all taken care of. No check to split, no dishes to do, no strings attached. What could be better? Enter now to win.

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01/11/15 10:53am


Well, winter is here–as if you had any doubts that it would arrive. As a thank you to our readers we’ve teamed up with a few partners to offer you a chance to win a trip for two to Miami Beach. If you win you’ll get three nights at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, round-trip airfare for two, 60-minute massages at Exhale Spa, the tasting menu for two at Macchialina (one of Miami’s best Italian restaurants, known for their porchetta and house-made pastas) and $500 in spending money for exploring and shopping.

The rest of us will be here, under blankets on the couch watching re-runs of CSI: Miami on Netflix. You’ll be on the beach. When you enter to win you’ll be signing up for emails from us, Gothamist, New York Magazine, Touch of Modern and Uncubed. Enter now!

12/05/14 2:41pm

Brooklyn Based 1


Even in the midst of making holiday lists of all kinds–gifts to buy, cards to send, cookie recipes to try–our thoughts keep skipping ahead to the new year ahead and how to start it fresh. More than anything we’re eager to engage in some winter cleaning, finally getting rid of those boxes of assorted junk on the high shelves of our closets, donating the sweaters and coats we haven’t worn for the past three winters (if you didn’t wear it last winter, you never will) and how to generally streamline and simplify our apartments, and by extension, our lives.

We’re not alone–minimalism is in right now, from parents who have decided that enough is enough when it comes to toy accumulation, to organization experts who counsel that the more stuff you have, the more time you spend dealing with it.

If you’re planning a post-holiday purge, and even if you aren’t, we have the perfect contest to reward yourself with a cleaner, neater, more beautiful apartment. Enter now to win a 90-minute consultation from LABL Studios (trust us, you’d be amazed at what a difference just rearranging the stuff you have can make), an apartment deep clean from MyClean, a paint job–with paint included–from the folks at Paintzen, and three months of storage from Boxbee. Basically, have experts paint, rearrange and clean your apartment, after you’ve removed all the stuff that’s been cluttering up your life. Consider it a trial separation, and when spring comes reassess. We’re predicting a massive stoop sale and a fantastic year.

Enter now to get 2015 off to an amazing start. 

11/05/14 1:02pm



This time of year always feels a little frenzied. The days are shorter and the nights and weekends are cluttered with parties, drinks and work commitments. Then come the holidays. It’s an exciting season, but it’s also a grind, leaving you wanting a little respite from it all.

How about two nights at Urban Cowboy, a sweet away-from-it-all-right-in-the-thick-of-it B&B in Williamsburg? Add to that a gorgeous vintage serape (you don’t have to go Williamsburg-native and fashion it into some kind of garment–you can snuggle under it on the couch or in bed) from Man of the World, plus a $500 shopping spree at Kaufmann Mercantile, one of our favorite emporiums of the beautiful and functional.

We’ve been on a stuff reduction kick lately that goes something like this: Own fewer, more perfect things. Our partners in this contest embody that ethos to a T. Man of the World (you’ll also receive a subscription to their monthly magazine), stocks classic tools and objects–many of which look like they’d be at home on Don Draper’s desk. Kaufmann Mercantile has become our go-to for lovely gifts, excellent kitchen items and elegant objects that elevate daily life. Enter now and give yourself a moment to pause and refresh, right here in Brooklyn. 

10/07/14 2:44pm


You feel that chill in the air? That means it’s officially braising season.

Maybe you’ve heard braising thrown around as a cooking term but aren’t totally clear on what it actually means. Braising is basically just slow cooking something, usually meat, in liquid. A stew is essentially a braise. So is pot roast, coq au vin, and many a short rib recipe. The real genius of braising is that it’s incredibly simple to do well and the results are consistently delicious.

We’re so inspired by earthy fall flavors that we’ve teamed up with Food Republic and Cookstr to offer one reader a Le Creuset cookware set worth more than $800, including a 3-qt. saucepan, a 10″ fry pan,  a 7-qt. stockpot, and a gorgeous, 4.5-qt round French oven, perfect for making your own hearty braises. When you enter the contest you’ll be signing up for an amazing recipe trove from Cookstr, and great interviews, food news and technique tips from Food Republic as well. Enter now.