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Our March edition of Funny Story returns to Brooklyn Brewery next Thursday, March 19 at 8pm and we’ve got an awesome lineup for you.

Alina Simone, author of Note to Self and contributor to publications like The New York Times, where she recently wrote about the hackers who took her mom’s PC hostage and how she had to pay to unlock her mom’s files by using a bitcoin ATM in Greenpoint—remember that story?—is going to be sharing another true tale on Thursday.

Writer, storyteller and comedian Heather Dockray—who recently wrote about the “mom and pop” BDSM dungeon in Park Slope—remember that story?! It was one of our most-read stories on the site ever—will be telling a story from her own life. I suspect it will be just as amazing.

Iris Explosion, sex educator, burlesque performer and woman with such a great name you should see her simply because of it, is also one of our storytellers, along with comedian Joey Callahan and Moth storyteller Robert Penty.

These talented performers will be sharing the stage at Brooklyn Brewery with Tom Shillue, the MC and mastermind of this storytelling series—one of the five best in New York City according to a reputable news source. We help curate the raconteurs for each edition, and if you haven’t been to Funny Story yet, Thursday’s the night to join us. Tickets are $10 and include a beer, just to get the fun started. The storytellers will take care of the rest.

02/19/15 9:55am


Welcome back to Funny Story Live, our sort-of-monthly podcast produced from our monthly storytelling series at Brooklyn Brewery with Tom Shillue. The stories on this podcast were all taken from the first performance of 2015, back in January, and I have tell you, it was such a good show that there are a couple we couldn’t fit into this episode. They’ll pop up on another episode sometime. This one features a story by Tom about the great Blizzard of ’78, which seemed too appropriate for our current weather situation to not include (you can also read a version of it here, on HuffPo). Cartoonist and performer Charlie Hankin gives us a cheat sheet for what it’s like to be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? And writer Peter Pavia spells out all the ways in which used car salesmen make terrible role models.

Funny Story is on for tonight, Brooklyn Brewery, 8:30pm, and it’s well worth braving the chill. Eliza Hecht, whose Modern Love column you may have seen in The New York Times recently;  Stewie Stone, Catskills comedy legend; and Mark Giordano of The PIT Theater and solo show Mad Man will all be sharing tales. Tickets are $10, including a beer. 

01/15/15 1:31pm

Every month we co-produce a storytelling show at Brooklyn Brewery with comic and storyteller, Tom Shillue. If you’re into the storytelling scene, then you know that most shows have some sort of rules–no notes, strict time limits and themes. Our only rule is that the stories have to be funny in some way. As Tom said at last month’s show, “We’re like the sloppy Moth.” (more…)

12/17/14 2:22pm

Here’s your best holiday gift so far–Funny Story is Thursday night at Brooklyn Brewery. This month we have a writer for Letterman, a badly behaved girl and an editor of Out Magazine telling hilarious true stories, and as always, our beloved host, Tom Shillue. We never set a theme, but a holiday menagerie of stories may well occur this time around. If you want more Shillue steeze, check him out in Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop quartet in the video above (Tom’s the one to the left of Steve Carell, no, not Jimmy Fallon, your other left). While we can’t promise he’ll break into song on Thursday, he did perform a barbershop snippet back in October, which you can listen to on Funny Story Live, episode two. Tickets are $10, and that includes a beer. Good times guaranteed.

11/13/14 12:06pm

Last month we introduced our first-ever podcast, a live version of Funny Story, the storytelling show we co-produce with comedian Tom Shillue and Brooklyn Brewery each month. We’re back with a new one, and while we never set a theme for Funny Story–all our guests are free to tell any story they like–sometimes one organically emerges. This time around most of our storytellers looked back a few decades and told stories starring their younger, more naive selves, with a particular focus on the horrifying experience of middle school. (more…)

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10/09/14 9:55am

As you may know, each month we co-curate a storytelling show at Brooklyn Brewery with Tom Shillue, a comedian, barbershop quartet enthusiast, and frequent performer on The Tonight Show. Some of our storytellers are comedians or regulars on the storytelling circuit, but others are just interesting people–chefs, journalists, filmmakers and all-purpose weirdos.

The show is such a good time that we decided to record it and produce a podcast, and this is the first one.


09/17/14 10:51am

After a brief summer hiatus, Funny Story is back at Brooklyn Brewery on Thursday, Sept. 18. If you’ve never been before–or haven’t been in awhile, it’s time to join us at Brooklyn Brewery for a night of hilarity. Usually we here at Brooklyn Based help fill the roster with journalists, food folks and Brooklyn personalities, but this time our intrepid host Tom Shillue has packed the evening with a bunch of funny weirdos he met over the summer.

To start, we’ve Turney Duff, a former professional Wall Street douchebag, who wrote a memoir called The Buy Side, outlining just how fucked up and entitled Wall Street culture is. Add to that Joe Randazzo, a former Onion editor, and generally hilarious dude who lived in Greenpoint forever, before decamping for the countryside with his brood.  (more…)

07/16/14 11:08am


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Funny Story is back this month with another great line-up–every guest this month has been photographed at some point by Mindy Tucker, a photographer who makes it her business to shoot portraits of New York’s most hilarious people. Michelle Wolf you may have seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently; Rob Cantrell‘s comedy-music album, Dreams Never Die is ridiculous and hilarious; and Ophira Eisenberg you may have heard hosting Ask Me Another on NPR, which is taped at The Bell House each month. They won’t be doing stand-up sets on Thursday, rather, they’ll each tell a story that is funny, true and hopefully some other things, too. Your $10 ticket also gets you a beer.

06/17/14 11:34am
Thu June 19, 2014


When we help Tom Shillue book Funny Story each month the goal is always to get an eclectic mix of performers–some who tell stories for a living, like writers and comedians, and some who just happen to be great storytellers. This month we have one of our best mixes in a looooong time. Mikey Kay is a journalist and documentarian with a sexy British accent. He also used to fly assault helicopters in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force. Tom Mylan is Brooklyn’s original rockstar butcher (a term he really hates), and just published his first book, The Meat Hook Meat Book (bring your copy for him to sign, if you like). Lawson Clarke is copywriter who has worked on campaigns for everything from Ocean Spray to Jack Daniels and has one of the best personal websites we’ve ever seen. Brooke Van Poppelen not only has a fun-to-say name, she’s also a comedian who has performed at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and been on pretty much every comedy podcast and in every festival that’s funny and smart.  Enter here for a chance to win tickets, and even if you don’t all this personality, plus a beer, is just a $10 ticket.

05/14/14 10:31am
Thu May 15, 2014

When you think about it, Jimmy Fallon is kind of old-fashioned. He writes thank you notes. He’s a gracious host. He sings in a barbershop quartet. In fact, he and his three other songsters recently serenaded Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, singing Happy Birthday to the piano man with an audience of 20,000. What does a barbershop singer during their off hours? Well, if you’re Tom Shillue, when you’re not singing four-part harmony on The Tonight Show you tour with Jim Gaffigan and you host Funny Story at the Brooklyn Brewery. Come to think of it, storytelling is also sort of old-fashioned, though these stories are anything but stodgy. This month’s line-up is an all-comedian sweep with Baron VaughnAnn CarrAdam NewmanJamie Greenberg and Dave Juskow. If you like to laugh, you’d be nuts not to come to this show. Your $10 ticket gets you a night of storytelling and a beer.