06/09/15 9:02am

IMG_6601Long summer days are finally here and the next dozen or so weekends will be filled to the brim with beaching, park parties and music festivals. Too much sun and time out in the elements (yes, it’s quite temperate now, but we’ll crawl into the hot, humid belly of the NYC summer beast soon enough) can turn a season of fun into a never-ending slog of discomfort. But, with a little bit of planning and the right gear for skin protection and proper hydration, you can spend more time making the sweet summer memories that will last you through next winter. (more…)

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10/24/14 10:43am

Eskayel and Casetify teamed up for a line of iPhone cases with fresh and interesting patterns. Photo: Eskayel

According to The The New York Times, 39 million iPhone 6s have been sold so far, and while I know plenty of iPhonephiles eagerly awaiting their new phone (or who have one in hand after waiting in line at the Apple Store) no one I know has bought a protective case. The problem with iPhone cases is that they always seem to transform a sleek and elegant object into a clunky piece of plastic and silicone. There are cases out there though, that are as carefully designed as your phone, and it turns out that some of the best options come from Brooklyn. Here’s what I turned up while searching for the perfect case. (more…)