04/05/17 9:52am
Is the Tilt Festival worth checking out? Oui! There's still a few events throughout April/ Photo: Meredith Craig de Pietro

Is the Tilt Festival worth checking out? Oui! There are still a few events throughout April Photo: Meredith Craig de Pietro

If your family hasn’t yet checked out the second annual Tilt Kids Festival, presented by The Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), there’s still time! This Saturday, April 8, celebrate storytelling (for free!) with Fanny de Chaille: The Teens Library, a living library where a teen will tell a story to your family one-on-one. On April 11-16, enjoy The Seven Fingers, a food themed circus from Montreal. Tickets are $45-$99. Plus, the Hervé Tullet exhibit (reviewed below) continues through April 22. My 7-year-old son and I have been having a bon temps with the international artists and events. If you still need convincing. here are the highlights, so far.

Hervé Tullet Kids Opening

The closest things kids have to celebrities are beloved book authors. That would explain why families turned out in spades for the opening of This Isn’t Trash, the first New York exhibition of work by Hervé Tullet, the wildly imaginative artist and children’s book author. Kids know and love Press Here, and this family-focused opening at The Invisible Dog Art Center on March 4 explored his signature style with colorfully painted, torn, taped, creased and reassembled sheets of paper that were hung from the ceiling. Kids were invited to wade through a box of scrap paper, and find their own torn paper for inspiration, which was my son’s favorite part. A never ending line of fans queued up to have the artist sign copies of their favorite book, while the author beamed merrily from his perch behind the table. The show is on display until April 22. (more…)