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Sponsored By Carmelo the Science Fellow.

Carmelo the Science Fellow’s Laboratory of Fun is the universe’s coolest place for little kids to learn about science.

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The budding scientists of Brooklyn have a great option to learn something new and have some fun with after-school programs, parties and camps with one of the best science educators in the borough, Carmelo the Science Fellow.

Carmelo Piazza, the Science Fellow, has been combining learning and laughter for young Brooklynites for nearly two decades. He taught at P.S. 261 for 16 years, and realized that a science education with some time-tested humor mixed in can motivate students to learn other subjects. According to Carmelo, he hosts up to 10,000 kids a year at his events. (more…)

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Baby’s first birthday party seems easy, compared to planning events for older kids, whose interests have to be taken into account. If you’re still searching for a unique birthday experience that goes beyond the playspace (or the restaurant party space), here’s a few fun options that will be enjoyable for all kids, and will especially satisfy the scientific set.

Kids learn physics by making ice cream on a bike at Ample Hills Creamery. Photo: Lauren Adams

Kids learn physics by making ice cream on a bike at Ample Hills Creamery. Photo: Lauren Adams

Ample Hills Creamery, Prospect Height/ Gowanus

To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, indulge in an ice cream making party at either the Vanderbilt or Gowanus location, which has a dedicated party room. At either place, the Ample Hills staff gives a kid-friendly tutorial on the science of ice cream, and then kids get a chance to pedal an actual cream-churning bicycle to whip up a batch of their own. While the ice cream freezes, kids engage in a craft project like making a placemat, tote bag or a frame (for the keepsake photo they’ll receive of them on the bike). Finally, the guests will be served the homemade ice cream that they made, on top of fresh waffles with a choice of sundae toppings. Parents can choose to provide adult guests with bottomless French-pressed coffee (an additional $35) to keep up with their sugar buzzed children. But outside food, drinks and decorations can also be brought in at no charge. For 20 children, the cost of the entire party is $575 plus gratuities. This is great for kids of any age, but the sweet spot is probably five to nine years old. Book at least two months ahead to ensure the date you want. (more…)

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Sponsored By Brooklyn Preschool of Science.

The Brooklyn Preschool of Science uses curiosity and wonder to provide a foundation for meaningful math, language, and literacy development.

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From the moment you step inside, you can tell that the Brooklyn Preschool of Science isn’t your typical institute of education. A pterodactyl swoops down from the ceiling and bright blocks of color line the walls just inside the entrance. One classroom is lined with terrariums containing exotic creatures like an Australian bearded dragon and Madagascar hissing cockroaches; in another, green plants grow sideways from a living wall.

The Cobble Hill school is the brainchild of Carmelo Piazza, better known to his pint-sized fans as Carmelo the Science Fellow. Piazza is well known to thousands of Brooklyn children from birthday parties, day camps, after-school programs, and playgroups, and parents marvel at his unique ability to communicate his passion for learning with young audiences. Within seconds, he has the attention of every kid in the room, eliciting belly laughs and gasps of wonder.

Piazza opened the Brooklyn Preschool of Science in 2013, with the aim of using science as a jumping-off point for a dynamic early-education curriculum. To accommodate high demand, a second location will open in Park Slope later this year. Parents can apply now for both schools, which will be accepting children on a first-come, first-served basis. (more…)

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If you’re a Brooklyn parent, you know Carmelo the Science Fellow as a local, real-life Mr. Wizard, the founder of frequently sold-out science workshops at his “Cosmic Cove” and the director of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science.

For the rest of the world, and anyone who has failed to register their child for one of his camps (myself included!), you can now become familiar with Carmelo Piazza as the author of Crazy for Science with Carmelo the Science Fellow. The book, co-written with Jim Buckley, is filled with science experiments that you can try at home, in the dead of winter, to undo the damage you’re wreaking on your children by letting them watch way too much on Netflix, or to simply introduce something new and useful to your cooped-up-inside routine. (more…)