08/22/14 1:27pm
Photo: Fort Defiance

Photo: Fort Defiance

Holly Howard is our go-to business consultant. She’s helped countless small businesses in Brooklyn and beyond (including us here at Brooklyn Based) with her expertise and know-how. This summer, in an unprecedented program, 10 small businesses in Red Hook, Brooklyn have come together to work as a community to grow their businesses through Holly’s From Artisan to Entrepreneur® Business Growth Program.  This program was made possible through the generous support from ReStore Red HookNew York Business Development Corporation, and Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation. Over the next 10 weeks, Holly will dedicate her weekly advice column to a specific business in Red Hook that is participating in her in hopes that their journeys will bring enlightenment and inspiration to your business as well. This week, she fields a question from the owner of Fort Defiance, St. John Frizell.

Dear Holly,

If servers at my restaurant want to get one or more of their shifts covered, there’s a very simple procedure—they simply have to find someone to cover their shift, and email the general manager.  This has worked great until this summer, when several of my servers went away at the same time.  Even though they had found other servers to cover their shifts, unforeseen but inevitable events left me shorthanded.  I can’t let the same thing happen over the holidays.  Is there a better way to handle this—one that still allows my servers to be flexible while protecting the best interests of the business?


St. John, owner, Fort Defiance (more…)

04/11/14 11:37am

Is this your car or do you know whose it is?

There are so many “Only in New York” aspects of this story that I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes. Last night, a friend alerted me to this flyer posted at Fort Defiance and my curiosity about the backstory was immediately piqued. I emailed the address provided to set up a phone call with “Nekisia,” the mystery woman behind it all. Here’s what I found out. (more…)

09/11/13 10:15am
Thu September 12, 2013

Bummed that summer’s almost officially over? Fort Defiance has the cure for your autumnal blues. This Thursday, the Red Hook bar/restaurant is shedding its New Orleans/seasonal-American skin for something a bit more tropical–a tiki night called Forbidden Island. Follow the tiki torches inside for a special food menu, featuring a rotating, thematically appropriate appetizer and entrée (past choices have included crab rangoon, forbidden noodles and pork huli huli); cocktails include twists on classics like the mai tai, zombie and daiquiri, as well as original concoctions. All are reasonably priced–and delicious, with a special mai tai-and-entrée combo running just $24. And the theme doesn’t stop with the food and drink–servers (and many customers) rock their best Hawaiian shirts, and the music wouldn’t be misplaced on a white sandy beach. –CA