10/26/16 8:58am
TRON and DVD (Mikaela Barish)

TRON and DVD Photo: Mikaela Barish

Since its inception in 2007, Kiam Records, the label founded by singer/songwriter Jennifer O’Connor, who we profiled back in March, has been mostly a home for indie rock artists such as Amy Benzuartea, The Foil Swans, Tim Foljahn, Choo Choo La Rouge, and O’Connor herself.

Now the label has ventured into hip-hop with the addition of TRØN and DVD to the Kiam roster. The act consists of brothers Norvin and Darian Van Dunk of Valley Cottage, New York–they’re currently working on a debut album scheduled for release early next year. Right now, TRØN and DVD are sharing their latest track, the powerful and direct “New Kings,” which is not on the upcoming album. O’Connor tapped Brooklyn Based to premier the song before its official release this Friday–stream below:


03/24/16 10:45am
Jennifer O'Connor (KIAM)

Jennifer O’Connor left Brooklyn and opened a record store in Nyack. Photo: KIAM

Jennifer O’Connor needed a change of scenery.

The singer-songwriter-guitarist had been living in Greenpoint for six years, and while she liked the neighborhood, her apartment was falling apart–a dump, as she put it.

I sort of had an idea to make it sound a little bit like It’s a Shame About Ray-era Lemonheads

So O’Connor and her wife, the musician Amy Bezunartea, looked for a new place. Perhaps predictably, the hunt for an affordable non-dump quickly became discouraging. Then one day, they had a conversation about leaving New York City altogether, and started looking up the Hudson River, in Nyack, New York.

“We found this amazing place right away,” says O’Connor “and just on a whim [took] it for a year.”

O’Connor and Bezunartea moved to Nyack in 2012, and that year-long experiment quickly turned into a permanent relocation. O’Connor opened Kiam Records Shop there in December of 2014, something that she had wanted to do since childhood. (more…)

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10/24/14 2:00pm
(Sacks and Co.)

Laura Cantrell Photo: Sacks and Co.

It’s going to be a Brooklyn homecoming of sorts for critically-acclaimed performers Laura Cantrell and Jennifer O’Connor, when both artists perform at Rough Trade NYC on Oct. 27. Cantrell, who is also best known as the host of The Radio Thrift Shop show on WFMU, makes music that that sounds like traditional country did years before the genre became so commercially popular–her influences are country legends like Kitty Wells and Dolly Parton. Earlier this year, the ex-Brooklyn resident released her latest studio album in No Way There From Here, which I think is her best record to date. (more…)