03/23/17 10:15am
37 Problems is a new bingeworthy web series that deals with fertility and ambivalence towards motherhood. And it's funny!

37 Problems is a new binge-worthy web series that deals with fertility and ambivalence towards motherhood. And it’s funny!

What does it even mean to “have it all?” 37 Problems, which describes itself as “a raunchy new series about fertility and growing up” explores that well worn question with welcome hilarity and a considerable edge.  

A 37-year-old screenwriter (played by creator and director Lisa Ebersole) has Sundance dreams and wants to borrow $10,000 from her mother to finish her project. Her mom gives her the money, but wants her to use it to freeze her eggs instead. Panic and hijinks ensue, with a cast of eccentric characters like an elderly ex, her father’s ghost, a charming yet slightly sleazy fertility doctor and a kooky editor who lives in a garage with his daughter. Ambivalence toward parenthood permeates throughout.

In an extremely crowded webosphere, Ebersole is an emerging talent worth getting to know. While she’s already an award-winning playwright and filmmaker, 37 Problems is her first web series, and it’s been selected for the Austin Film Festival, Brooklyn Web Fest, and the Hollyweb Festival. 

You can binge watch the entire NSFW series on 37 Problems and on Vimeo. In the meantime, Ebersole took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about Lena Dunham, fertility and Obamacare for us.


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05/07/14 10:04am
Tue May 13, 2014

18404251Adults behaving badly, and proving to be as emotionally immature as little children is a familiar theme in literature, and Julia Fierro takes these notions to the extreme in Cutting Teeth. Her debut novel brings together a richly drawn group of parents in a Park Slope playgroup who are all precariously close to a meltdown. None of these people should spend a long weekend together, yet they hole up for three days on Long Island anyway, and like the loaded gun on the mantle, totally implode. It is a delicious read, and much-anticipated because Fierro runs the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, the city’s best M.F.A. alternative. The book comes out on Tuesday, and she reads from it that night at BookCourt. Across town the same evening, Jennifer Senior, whose book All Joy and No Fun examines modern parenthood through the lens of social science, reads at the Park Slope Library. She shared her co-parenting secrets with us here.