03/24/16 5:05pm
Photo: NY Historical Society

This show proves the classic appeal of Mo Willems, as well as the special place he has in the hearts of little New Yorkers. Photo: New-York Historical Society

Most children are intimately familiar with the words and artwork of Mo Willems. Learning boundaries as an infant is fun with Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus, sounding out words is enticing with the Cat the Cat series, and ideas of friendships are fully formed with the Elephant and Piggie books. New York City kids have a special connection to his characters, as the urban pigeon is obsessed with public transportation, Trixie and her family live in brownstone Brooklyn, and Knuffle Bunny rolls through a Park Slope laundromat. So it’s a ridiculous understatement to say that the New-York Historical Society’s latest exhibit, “The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems” appeals uniquely to Brooklyn-based children. (more…)