11/11/13 11:25am
Thu November 14, 2013
photo courtesy of SMASHED

Opera is what’s on tap at Freddy’s Bar this Thursday, where your suds will be accompanied by sonatas from “SMASHED,” an opera about a hatchet wielding woman from the late 1800s. Photo: “SMASHED”

Of all the things you’ve seen in a bar, we’re guessing seeing an opera hasn’t been one of them. But if in the past you’ve been inclined to think that beer goggles and opera glasses are mutually exclusive, think again because Opera on Tap is taking over Freddy’s with SMASHED, an opera about Carrie Nation, an axe-wielding teetotaler from the turn of last century. It’s been lauded as hilarious, slaptstick and all-bar encompassing. SMASHED will be taking place in the main front room of Freddy’s—around, behind and even on top of the bar itself—to provide the kind of fully-immersive experience that only alternative theater and a hatchet-swinging temperance nut can in an ale house. Who needs clearly broken opera glasses, when a completely free, independent opera is happening right in the middle of one of your favorite bars?

09/09/13 2:00pm
Tue September 17, 2013
Like in life, the opera about Anna Nicole Smith, opening at BAM Sept. 15, promises to be over the top. Photo: Pari Dukovic

Like the life it imitates, the opera about Anna Nicole Smith, opening at BAM Sept. 17, promises to be over the top. Photo: Pari Dukovic

Did you ever look at the Anna Nicole Smith debacle from the sidelines and think to yourself, This would make a great piece of high art tragedy? If so, you were evidently not the only one, because someone has gone and written an opera about the tumultuous life of the playmate-turned-heiress-turned-incoherent reality star. Not just any opera either: Anna Nicole was commissioned by the Royal Opera House in London and has been called “engrossing, outrageous, entertaining and, ultimately, deeply moving” by the New York Times. Also, librettist Richard Thomas already earned some serious celebrity catastrophe cred when he penned an opera about everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure from college, Jerry Springer. On Tuesday night, Anna Nicole will make its U.S. premiere and begin a seven-date run at BAM. Unfortunately, the $25 balcony tickets are sold out across the board, but you can still score a pricier seat for this unprecedented cultural phenomenon here.