08/10/15 1:50pm
It's all about texture with shaved snow.

It’s all about texture with shaved snow.

It all started with Instagram. My sister, who lives in South Korea, posted a photo of patbingsu, a Korean dessert that takes shaved ice and tops it with fruit, fruit syrup, sweet red beans, condensed milk and other ingredients that may sound like they don’t belong together. The key is really fluffy ice that holds the syrup, and the contrast of different textures mixed in with the sweet, chilly base.

In my search for patbingsu in New York, which you can find at Tous les Jours and other Korean sweets cafés around the city, I went down a rabbithole of Asian shaved ices and ended up obsessed with Taiwanese-style shaved snow. This summer snack is having a moment right now, perhaps because it’s the perfect marriage of creamy, fluffy, crunchy and chewy. (more…)

01/22/14 10:17am
The weather seems apropo for Anitfreeze, Gowanus Canal Conservancy's annual winter fundraiser, happening this Saturday at Ray Smith Studio on Bond Street. Photo: GCC

The weather seems apropos for AntiFREEZE, Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s annual winter fundraiser, happening this Saturday at Ray Smith Studio on Bond Street. Photo: GCC

No nor’easter is enough to keep us indoors–at least not all week–so once you’ve layered up, you can look forward to all the good things going on in Brooklyn. From clam shucks to snow sculpture competitions (fingers crossed the white stuff sticks around until Saturday) to performing arts exhibitions and a party. Here is a list of all the fun we couldn’t fit on our Tip Sheet but definitely think you’ll want to check out this week.

Jan. 23: (Sheepshead Bay) Sheepshead Bay was basically kicked in the teeth by Superstorm Sandy, and one of the many grim side effects was last year’s forced cancellation of the Taste of Sheepshead Bay, an annual tradition drawing together the best of what the neighborhood’s diverse restaurant community has to offer. Luckily, the event is back with a vengeance this Thursday night at 7pm, and if you pick up a $30 ticket, you will be signaling strong support for local businesses that have triumphed over the storm.

Jan. 25: (Gowanus) Gowanus may have a lot of fancy new residents like Whole Foods and the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, but anyone standing downwind of the canal is quickly reminded of how much work still needs to be done to improve the area. The Gowanus Canal Conservancy is throwing its third annual fundraiser, now called the AntiFreeze, to ensure that work gets done–tickets are $35 and include live music, a silent auction, a plate of food, two drinks, and access to an egg cream bar(!). Fun starts at 7pm. (more…)