10/16/15 12:19pm

For hardcore comic fans or cape twirling tots, there’s something for everyone at this show. Photo: Meredith Craig de Pietro

Last weekend, “Superheroes in Gotham” opened at the New York Historical Society. Holy smokes! This show pulls out all the stops for both hardcore comic fans and young cape-twirling tots. The museum shop even sells replicas of the original vintage underoos. Finally, a way to bridge the museum experience and my five-year-old’s interests.

Excitement mounted from the street, where we could see the original Batmobile parked right inside the lobby. My son has never seen the classic Batman episodes, but was still enchanted by all of the gadgets and controls. The pure size of the vehicle commands attention, but my son was quickly drawn to the craft table set up at the other side of the lobby. Attendants were handing out clipped toilet paper roll cardboard for making your own superhero cuffs with stickers, pipe cleaners and hole punchers. My son declared himself “WOLFIE BOY” and joined the ranks of the other young superheroes to climb the stairs for the exhibit. (Many kids came in complete head-to-toe costumes, so if you want to get a jump on Halloween, here’s your chance.) (more…)