08/11/15 11:37am


I spent a long period of time in college depending on thrift store finds at Goodwill to help define my late-90s, early 2000s style. Alongside weird junk for “decorating” my first apartment, I also prided myself on t-shirts that fell apart on my body, dresses sometimes two sizes too big (or small), and the most killer pair of low-top, yellow and orange vintage roller skates that fit me perfectly (that I wore ALL THE TIME). After I graduated, in some dumb effort to grow up, I sold the skates back to a thrift shop and tried not to look back. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

These days, I buy clothes that actually fit me, but I still thrift in search of great prices. There’s only so much online shopping you can do to find a good deal, but even more than that, every time I step into a thrift store the feeling of possibility is palpable in a way that can be addictive. Whether you’re searching for bargain on your work wardrobe, a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress, or the perfect pair of roller skates, half the fun of thrifting is the search.

So  I can really get behind National Thrift Store Day, which ReuseNYC is celebrating this Monday, Aug. 17, 2015. ReuseNYC member-approved shops including Beacon’s Closet, Angel Street Thrift Shop, Cure Thrift Shop, and Rags-A-GoGo, are getting in on the thrifty fun, with sales and specials. To make the most of Thrift Store Day, and to help you make shopping more of an adventure every day, I chatted with pro-thrifters, shoppers and sellers alike, about how to get the best deals, whether you’re buying, selling or browsing.  (more…)

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