01/26/16 12:55pm


Its not always like this. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

Its not always like this. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

So, how many icy lagoons did you step in, on your way into work this morning? It might seem like a strange day to talk cycling in New York City, what with the record-setting snow mounds still looming on every corner, but really, at its core, the blizzard we just experienced is a story about transportation and our frequent lack of control over how and when we get from place to place. Right now is not a great time to ride a bike, what with the rivers of slush everywhere, but for most of the year cycling gives you more control over your commute, and the way you navigate the city, than any other form of transportation, save walking in your own neighborhood.

Even before the snow, transportation woes were very much in the news, considering the possibility that the L train may close for up to 18 months for repairs (this article has an in-depth analysis of what that would mean for affected neighborhoods), and the announcement that the MTA will renovate 30 stations, eight in Brooklyn, over the next few years, which will shut those stations down during repairs. There are more bike lanes than ever in New York City, so it’s a great time to start thinking about how to get yourself off that crowded train and onto a bike.

Cycling in the city can feel intimidating though, so we spoke to Rich Conroy, director of education at Bike New York, about how to ease into riding a bike safely. (more…)

10/13/15 9:20am

Arro_01The way we get around the city when we decide to take a car service or taxi has changed dramatically over the past year. For one, green cabs now pepper intersections in Brooklyn where hailing a taxi would have once been a fool’s errand. Hiring a car service, and paying for it with a credit card, is faster and easier than ever, and ride-sharing services and apps have popped up to save us all cash.

To figure out who offers the best ride, I downloaded Uber, Lyft, and the new NYC taxi cab app Arro on my Android, and picked locations within a comparable distance of around one mile, all in North Brooklyn–Greenpoint and Williamsburg–to make the trips as similar as possible. My criteria to compare each service was simple. In each case I noted:

1) Ease of app
2) Cost
3) Distance
4) Timeliness

I then went on a trial-by-car-service ride along to see what kind of lift I could get on a date night with my boyfriend. The plan: Meet for happy hour, followed by dinner and a movie. Our night began at duckduck bar in Bushwick (for their excellent two-for-one happy hour, which includes cheese puffs), before the movie. (more…)

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