10/21/15 9:43am
Lauren Gustus, head chef at Trivet. Photo: Trivet Foods

Trivet founder Puja Vohra hired Lauren Gustus, above, as head chef after falling in love with the food Gustus prepared for Vohra’s family. Photo: Trivet Foods

I am a grouch when it comes to food delivery. Despite the absurd number of options—Seamless, Grubhub, Caviar, UberEats, Doordash, Munchery, OurHarvest—I prefer my dinner to come from my kitchen, not a plastic container that traveled two miles in a messenger bag, and not a cardboard box that contains all the ingredients and none of the creativity. (See more grouchiness here.)

But Trivet—a new service delivering seasonable, healthy, locally sourced meals to Brooklynites—surprised me. The bag arrived at my door on a Monday containing neat, well-marked containers and the food was extraordinary. There were flavors I don’t cook with, complicated combos and seasonal vegetables I often avoid, and it was all restaurant quality. (more…)