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Enjoy your first Umi meal on us! Use code “BkBased” at checkout when you order through the Umi app. And come see us at One More Bite on Sunday, Oct. 23!

Umi is home cooking, delivered. We work with a passionate community of local cooks who create small batches of their signature dishes each night, just for you. Real food made with ingredients you can pronounce. Whether it’s Indian, Thai, gluten-free, homestyle Southern, or whatever your heart desires, Umi Kitchen has the perfect cook making exactly what you’re craving, and delivers the taste of home cooking without the work.

Simply order through the app, check out with a specified time window and an Umi Kitchen meal is delivered right to your door, ready to enjoy. You can order ahead for the week, or up until 2pm the day of, so planning on a home-cooked meal for dinner has never been easier.

Enjoy and be sure to share your home cooked Umi and chill night on Instagram and Twitter with #BringUmiToMe.

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UMI meal delivery service in brooklyn

(Photo by Jill Rittymannee)

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Umi is home cooking, delivered, connecting talented home cooks with families and individuals who crave a home cooked meal.

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Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned meal cooked at home by people who know that the most important ingredient is love–made even better by knowing who cooked your food. But who has time for that?

Never fear: We found the answer. It’s called Umi Kitchen. (“Umi” is the Arabic word for “my mother”) and it’s currently available in Northwest Brooklyn, and coming to Manhattan this summer. Umi Kitchen builds the connection between neighbors who have some serious cooking skills, and more importantly, the passion to cook for others, with neighbors who appreciate a home cooked meal but don’t always have the time to cook. Just browse through different food options on Umi Kitchen’s iPhone app, order by 2 p.m., and voila! Meal planning, shopping and preparation are done by your neighbors who share their cooking on the Umi Kitchen platform — just gather the troops and wait for dinner to be delivered.

These meals are prepared in small batches by real people with a passion for good food and a desire to make sure you enjoy their cooking. You can find choices from $12.50 to around $20. But the cooks sharing their cooking on Umi Kitchen are encouraged to provide generous portions so that — like any great home-cooked meal — there are leftovers for late-night snacks.

Meal Delivery Service NYC & Brooklyn Umi

Umi cooks deliver handwritten notes. (Photo by Adam Vojdany)

In facilitating a connection between the cooks and the consumers, Umi Kitchen’s home cooks include a personal handwritten note with their food to give you a little insight into their process and to help you understand the person who cooked your dinner. “Thanks for letting me cook for you tonight,” writes Ali. “I came up with this soup cooking dinner for myself & friends… thought it was fitting to serve during this random ‘cold’ streak before spring fully blooms.” Only Umi Kitchen can give you that connection with a passionate local home cook, while freeing you to get the family together (and off their screens) for a wholesome family meal.

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(Photo by Jill Rittymannee)

So who’s going to cook for you? Say you’re pining for last summer’s Caribbean vacation. How does Jamaican Jerk Shrimp from Chef Chris’ kitchen sound? Or you just started your new workout regimen and are determined to eat healthier. Chicken and veggies from Ali Conklin looks like the right choice. Kids need to fill up on something besides chicken nuggets? Adrienne’s pasta with bolognese and salad is just the ticket.

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