04/25/16 9:00am

When Jane Miller Rennert moved to Windsor Terrace 12 years ago, she had no plans to open a restaurantmuch less establish the burgeoning Prospect Avenue foodie empire she now oversees with business partner Jeremiah Fox.

“It was really just being in this community and seeing what the needs are that made us want to do this,” says Miller Rennert. “Windsor Terrace really dictated what we opened.”

The pair originally met at Juice Box Wine and Spirits, which Miller Rennert’s brother opened and where Fox worked as a longtime manager. Almost three years ago, they found a vacant office space one block up Prospect Ave and started working on their dream restaurant project. It took a couple years to turn the quirky, narrow little property into Della. In the meantime, when another space became available across the street, the duo quickly moved on opening two somewhat less ambitious projects: The Prospector, a trendy beer and cheese shop, and The Fox and The Crepes (which serves pancakes, not forest creatures).

The train-car-like dining room (Photo courtesy Della)

The train-car-like dining room (Photo: Della)

With Della, which finally debuted this January, they sought to give “our wonderfully sleepy neighborhood,” as Miller Rennert calls it, a “neighborhood restaurant that over-delivers.” The beautiful little restaurant is worth the wait. (more…)

07/13/15 8:55am
All photos courtesy Batata Pita Bar.

Schnitzel and waffles offers an unexpected  brunch upgrade. All photos: Batata Pita Bar.

I really thought I was over the never ending fried chicken and waffles trend. And then I walked into Batata Pita Bar in Windsor Terrace and saw schnitzel and waffles on the menu. Now, before you cry “gimmick,” I’d like to point out that subbing in Israeli-style schnitzel–thin, crispy slabs of boneless breast meat–is actually a functional upgrade from your traditional fried bird brunch binge. With all deference to certain old-school eateries, it just doesn’t make much sense to serve a bone-in piece of meat over a waffle. You end up with a syrupy mess that you can’t pick up without getting your hands fully coated, but can’t eat effectively with a knife and fork, either. I for one, hope this boneless chicken and waffle thing catches on. At Batata, it also doesn’t hurt that their crispy chicken comes on homemade coconut-milk waffles lathered in honey chili butter and maple syrup. (more…)

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