01/10/14 2:58pm

Two years ago, I made (and kept!) a New Year’s resolution to get in shape. The hard part, of course, was getting to the gym, but I managed to make it. For a week I went about randomly lifting heavy stuff and putting it back down like I always had. At some point, however, I sat next to a very large mammal lifting an obscene amount of weight over his head. After his set, he put down his dumbbells and grabbed his phone. I asked him what app he was using. He convinced me, through a series enthusiastic grunts, to try Fitness Buddy (Android , iPhone), so I spent $1.99 to see if it might provide some structure for my workouts.

I had no desire to look like the large mammal who’d suggested Fitness Buddy, but I recognized that he seemed to know what he was doing. I doubt he learned everything he knew from Fitness Buddy, but the app is so comprehensive that it’s totes possible. (more…)