Stay in with an old sitcom or some standup


Last Friday night, I was at a friend’s apartment for a 90s-themed birthday party and was trying not to let on that I was frantically washing my hands every 5 minutes because I didn’t want to look like a overreacting germaphobic weirdo. That feels like a year ago  right now, and I’m pretty sure that this Friday night will be all about social distancing best practices. What is absolutely certain is that I will need something to make me laugh and temporarily get my mind off of the wild and crazy-making situation unfolding around me. So, a couple of rules: no Twitter, no texting increasingly dark jokes with my friends, and full attention on something that is both funny and reminiscent of a time when pandemics were the stuff of dystopian sci-fi novels. My plan is to rewatch Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is available on HBO, but you might consider 30 Rock or Schitt’s Creek, or any one of these Netflix standup specials. You need a break from the news, guys, you know it’s true. 

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