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What to do this week(end): Nov. 13-19

WHAT A WEEK! Before I even get into it, I just want to get it out of the way that I wasn’t in the city on Saturday, so I missed the pot-banging party of the century that happened, although I watched about a million shaky iPhone videos of the same so I was here in... Read more »

Thursday, January 1

What to do this week(end), Nov. 6-Nov. 12

It has been a long, lasagna-filled week for me. How about you? What did you stress eat while refreshing your NYT app and then double-checking what CNN and Fox were saying? (And did anyone else notice the Fox meters stopped working once they began tilting in Biden’s favor?) Going into this election, we all knew... Read more »

Thursday, January 1

What to do this week(end)

Heyo BK and welcome to Anxiety City, population: everyone I know. Do you guys ever have that thing where you are walking on a bridge and you think to yourself “man, I really hope I don’t jump off this bridge right now, that would really suck,” or you have to fight an inexplicable urge to... Read more »