Pastrytown is the sweet spot for beer lovers


Photo: Pastrytown/ Katherine Wright

I remember being pretty into the idea of Pastrytown when it hit Industry City last year for its inaugural edition, but for some reason I couldn’t go. I’m not sure what I was doing that was more fun than a day-long festival put on by Other Half to celebrate dessert-inspired beer, actual desserts, and live wrestling matches, but I don’t want to make the same mistake now that it’s back for its second year. The Carroll Gardens-based brewery is inviting 50 or so other beer and mead producers to showcase their best pastry stouts, fruited Berliners, barrel-aged barley wines, and more. GA tickets include a tasting glass that you can fill with different beers for 4 hours, dessert pairings, NY Wrestling Connection matches throughout the day, and access to specialty timed-release beers. 

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