What to do this week

The Pickle

What to do this week(end): Feb. 26-March 4

Happy Friday friends, and congrats on being able to go outside in reasonable comfort again! For that reason alone, and even in spite of rainy forecasts for the weekend and unsettling news about the new virus variants spreading in the city, things feel a little more upbeat around here these days, don’t you think? I... Read more »

Thursday, January 1

What to do this week(end): Feb. 12-18

Greetings, snow babies, and happy almost-weekend to you all! This one is a long weekend for many of us, with Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year thrown in for good measure, so hopefully there will be enough going on to shake us all out of this twin state of pandemic exhaustion and winter blues... Read more »

Winter Warm Ups

What to do this weed(end): Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

Good morning all! When I was a kid, I loved The Muppet Family Christmas, which brought the whole gang together for the holidays at Fozzie’s mother’s house in a snowy backwoods somewhere. For some reason, the line “it’s cold enough to freeze your Winnebago!” is repeated throughout, and it was the first thought that popped... Read more »

Time to Celebrate

What to do this week(end): Jan. 22-29

Happy Friday, everyone, and I just shared a laugh with my coffee guy when he asked me what my plans are for the weekend because WHY do we still all ask each other that so many months into this thing when we all know the answer is just some combo of cooking or watching tv?... Read more »

Thursday, January 1

What to do this week(end): Jan. 15-21

 Just two weeks into 2021 and it already feels like we might have another dud on our hands, doesn’t it? Yes, we’re just days away from competent people replacing the morally bankrupt, underachieving sycophants that comprise the Trump administration, and the vaccine rollout finally seems to be picking up steam, but man, nothing like white... Read more »