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Ideal Week

What to do this week(end): May 13-May 19

We are living in fiasco times, friends, and that’s pretty much all I got this week. I won’t go into the horrifying leaked draft opinion from SCOTUS or our now-certain descent into facism, because by now you’ve read all the takes and pondered all the disastrous implications and, if you’re anything like me, you might... Read more »

Ideal Week

What to do this week(end): April 22-28

Mid-April has arrived, and now that we are post-taxes, post-Easter, almost at the end of Passover, and more than midway through Ramadan, how are you all feeling? Is Spring really here or are you like me and still finding yourself reaching for a winter coat more often than not? Daffodils and tulips are in bloom... Read more »

Ideal Week

What to do this week(end)

Happy weekend, fair BB readers, and let’s hope that we actually get some May flowers out of all this April monsooning that’s been going on because sucky weather is the last thing anybody’s frayed nerves need at this point. Speaking of, does anyone else out there feel like their job has taken over their entire... Read more »

Ideal Week

What to do this week(end): March 18-March 24

TGIF!!! Let’s GOOOOOOOOO! It’s been a long week and it’s time to reward yourself with an amazing weekend, so let’s get right to it, huh? That’s it y’all, up out of the office chair, off the couch, away from the screens, and out into the world please. Chop chop. Last Sunday I ventured into SoHo... Read more »

Thursday, January 1

What to do this week(end): March 11-17

Happy happy Friday, everybody, and welcome to the weekend! Not just ANY weekend, either, but that glorious one that comes only once a year, when the clocks switch back and the days get longer again and wretched winter’s days are numbered! I’m just back from Mexico for my first vacation in two years and all... Read more »