Scheduling a book club date just got a lot easier


We’ve got tips on choosing a book for your virtual book club.

Here’s a way to train your attention away from the bleak news updates, help some local businesses that are suffering right now, and spend some much-needed time engaged in intellectually stimulating conversations with other people: bring back the book club, only do it virtually. Grab some friends, get cracking on a book shipped from an indie bookstore, Thriftbooks, in audio format from, or an ebook from the library (instead of our soon-to-be overlords at, then order up some takeout dinner for one from your fave local restaurant and a bottle of wine delivered from your regular liquor store, and fire up Facetime to chat about it. My book club just picked The Grammarians, discussion date TBD, but if you aren’t already part of an established book club you can also consider joining one of the book groups at Greenlight Bookstore, some of which are moving to Zoom, or participating in this recurring virtual reading and discussion group about War & Peace, or picking just one friend and together tackling that white whale piece of literature that you always said you were going to get around to if you ever had time on your hands (mine is Infinite Jest) with daily or weekly check-ins to keep each other on track.

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  1. Leslie Nilsson -

    I too decided to tackle Infinite Jest. Are you going to set up a chat group as you read it? I’d love to sign on.


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