Brooklyn Based was born in 2007, a time when Brooklyn was quickly replacing Manhattan as the creative center of New York. There were 80-something Brooklyn blogs, all of which were doing a much better job of covering the local scene than any other established news outlet. So, to be a little bit different, Brooklyn Based began as an email newsletter that made it easy for subscribers to keep track of the events, people and places that were part of Brooklyn’s rise as the most awesome place on earth. Our email is still the best source for events, food and cultural news in the borough. We also produce our own events and host Wedding Crashers, an annual Immersion series with Brooklyn Brewery and co-curate the storytelling series Funny Story.

Nicole Davis, Publisher, Brooklyn Based; Editor, BB Kids
Nicole moved to Brooklyn in 1997 and began working at magazines and local weeklies, then launched BB in 2007 and has devoted herself to it and little else since (aside from her family). She’s lived in Park Slope, Gowanus, Clinton Hill, Dumbo, and Greenpoint. She now lives twelve miles north of the city (i.e., the suburbs) with her husband, daughter, son, dog and two cats.

Annaliese Griffin, Editor-in-Chief
Annaliese has worked almost any job you can think of–baker, farmer, nanny, cheesemonger, advertorial copywriter, professor of blogging at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, but what she really loves is writing about Brooklyn. She tries not to let her love of procedural crime dramas get in the way of her work.

Chrysanthe Tenentes, Partner and Contributing Editor
Chrysanthe is a second generation Brooklynite, originally from Vermont, residing in Williamsburg. She has worked at foursquare, and co-organizes the North Brooklyn Breakfast Club for startup and entrepreneurial types. Otherwise, she can be found baking, biking, or in three places at once.

Jordan Galloway, Culture Editor
Jordan is a culture writer by trade and a flat white aficionado by choice. When she’s not writing or consuming coffee, she can usually be found absconding with newspaper sections from her local coffee shop, plotting her great escape or knitting the world’s longest tangerine scarf.

Kate Hooker, Staff Writer
Kate is a lawyer and aspiring comedy writer who is a relative newcomer to Brooklyn, having fled the East Village last year in search of outdoor space and, apparently, kombucha. Kate and her cocker spaniel sidekick, Hurley, are thoroughly enjoying their new borough and all the benefits of grill ownership. When she isn’t working, Kate is often found trying out new restaurants and bars (particularly those that trade in oysters, craft beer, and pie), listening to podcasts for comedy nerds, and watching college basketball.


Jay Honstetter has lived in Brooklyn since 2003 and has spent a lot of time playing music, DJing, booking bands and reading in the back of a tour van. He studies journalism at CUNY Brooklyn, works in a wine store, and spends the rest of his time working on his new website, The Biography Project. On a night off, Jay can be found at home sipping on overpriced scotch, watching B-movies, and trying to play with his cat, Roxy Meowsic, who’s kind of a jerk.

Jon Reiss lives in Bushwick.  He’s the arts editor of Jewcy and a contributor to the following outlets, NY Press, Venus Magazine, Spin Magazine, The Rumpus, Punknews, Impose, Vol.1 Brooklyn and The WG News.  He’s currently in the process of publishing his first novel.  Find him at jonreiss.tumblr.com.

David Chiu is a writer who lives in Brooklyn. He has written for AOL Music, Time Out New York, People and New York Magazine.

Casey Acierno
Casey’s grandparents left Brooklyn in the 1950s to give their children a backyard; half a century later, after ping-ponging between New York, London, and New Jersey, she’s happily settled back in Brooklyn (sans backyard). Her day job consists of using MTV’s superpowers for good as a member of the Public Affairs team. She enjoys cocktails involving gin and cucumber, singing at early morning Arsenal matches, and getting lost in Brooklyn with her husband.