02/20/17 2:59pm


In thinking about Action Trumps Hate for this week I bookmarked dozens of stories on my phone and laptop, because there is such a blinding whirlwind of bad ideas being put into action every single day. Just now, while writing that sentence I remembered all over again that Scott Pruitt is heading up the EPA now. Say goodbye to breathing “air” and drinking “water,” folks.

The theme that emerged from the chaos of stories about non-existent terror attacks in Sweden, whatever that press conference was supposed to be and all things Kellyanne Conway was immigration.

A clear picture is beginning to emerge. The Trump administration is actively working to reduce the number of immigrants and refugees in the country through a two-pronged approach. One, by limiting the number of new immigrants coming in to the country by reducing the number of refugees we accept and attempting to enforce a travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations, leveraging Islamophobia to do so. Two, by detaining and deporting immigrants who are in the country illegally, whether or not they have committed a crime, leveraging the deep socioeconomic divide in the country and working class despair to do so. (more…)

02/12/17 9:41pm


I’ve decided to start going to Planned Parenthood again. I moved recently and I haven’t found a gynecologist to call my own yet, and while reading about the anti-choice rallies urging the government to “defund” PP last week I realized that I could support it with my body, as a patient. This feels right in so many ways.

I owe my life to Planned Parenthood. Not in the medical sense, but the quality of my life today was made possible by having access to birth control I could afford when I was younger. For many years I didn’t have health insurance and having Planned Parenthood as a resource meant that I knew I could at least get a Pap smear and a basic check-up. As a human female who has spent the past few decades having sex with a variety of human males, there’s just no way that without birth control I could have gone to college, worked approximately 46 different jobs in my twenties, lived in different cities, gone to graduate school, started a business and all the other great stuff I chose to do, footloose and fancy free-like, before I finally had my son at age 38. I recognize what a privilege this is and I also recognize that I’m a way better mom than I would have been at 20, 25, 30 or even 35. Everybody wins, especially me.

The Planned Parenthood in Downtown Brooklyn is very large and very efficient. The waiting room has a distinct resemblance to the DMV. Between the waiting room and your exam you linger in a sort of medical purgatory where you pee in a cup and carry it past a dozen other women doing the same thing in a bathroom with all the charm of a high school locker room. But then you get to your appointment and you are treated like a real live human person worthy of care.

I can’t tell you how rare and important this is, and I probably don’t have to. (more…)

12/05/16 7:53am


Choosing this week’s action has been difficult. Right now, between the President-elect’s financial and business conflicts of interest and his proposed cabinet full of billionaires who want to dismantle public education and health care, it feels a bit like whack-a-mole–just when you think you’ve heard the worst possible breach of political decorum or read the worst tweet yet, there’s a new and even more terrible story to read.

We will give you tools to speak out against all of the above. This week though, the most significant action you can take is to sign up for the Injustice Boycott. It launches today, and that, combined with yesterday’s news that the Army Corps of Engineers will seek alternative routes for the Dakota pipeline (although this will bear watching to make sure it’s not an empty promise) has me feeling like the people truly may have some power. Let’s keep that momentum going.

Week Three: Join the Injustice Boycott

Time commitment: Your initial sign up won’t take but a second, but this is an involved and sustained political action, so be prepared to dig in.

What: Shaun King is a journalist, Black Lives Matter activist and senior justice reporter at the New York Daily News. He announced an ambitious project reporting on and actively addressing systemic injustice and police brutality against people of color called the Injustice Boycott back in September. It launches today, Dec. 5, the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. (more…)

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11/17/16 11:08am


Brooklyn Based is not an inherently political site–we’re focused on being an indispensable guide to life in Brooklyn. This election though, has challenged us to expand our scope.  We’ve been openly political by refusing to normalize Trump as a candidate. We take his statements about women, immigrants, Muslims and other minorities at face value.

And so, starting now, we will highlight one thing you can do to push back against bigotry each week. Some of these will get their own email, like today, but going forward there will always be a link to the action of the week in Wednesday’s Ideal Week email. Some of our ideas will be New York City-specific, encouraging the continuation of ongoing good work, and others, like this week’s, will be in direct opposition to Trump policies.

We want #actiontrumpshate to be a resource and inspiration; these will be real concrete ways to engage, to help, to take action. We don’t want to talk about the Trump presidency in terms of silver linings, but this is a watershed moment when we can choose to become more engaged, to get out of the echo chamber of social media and advocate for meaningful change.

Week 1: Stop Stephen Bannon

Time commitment: 15 minutes to ∞

What? President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist. The Southern Poverty Law Center has denounced this choice, saying that it places a powerful voice for white nationalism in the White House. (more…)