01/05/17 1:27pm

Quick quiz: Do you like Benedict Cumberbatch? Do you have a soft spot for historical biopics? Wondering how all this political madness is going to produce some good art? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions there’s something to look forward to in January. Here are 10 books, movies, shows and performances to keep an eye on this month.

10. I’ve been taking a break from television lately, which has created so much more space for reading in my life. I’m about halfway through a review copy of Paul Auster’s new novel,  4 3 2 1, which comes out on Jan. 31, and it is breathtakingly good. If you’re not an Auster fan don’t worry. This 860-page tome is quite different from the compact, M.C. Escheresque world of The New York Trilogy. It’s a sprawling, open-hearted tale of four distinct lives lived by one protagonist, the erstwhile Archie Ferguson. 4 3 2 1 feels like it was written for exactly this moment in time in a way that is a little spooky, and best of all, this is a world that is swimming in books, influencing Archie, and Auster, and inspiring a running list in your head of your next title, even as you tackle this larger than average, in every way, novel. (more…)

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10/27/16 12:48pm

You’re right, it’s not quite November yet. It just seemed like with the ultra-long-weekend of Halloween revelry we’re looking at, plus the collective sense of dread surrounding Election Day on Nov. 8, which will likely hit a fever pitch next week, that we should provide you, the people, with some cultural touchstones to look forward to with real joy and anticipation in your hearts. No spray tans, no candy corn (unless you want it, but we’re definitely judging), no sexy anesthesiologists, no pantsuits, no puppets or bad hombres, (though there are plenty of nasty women on this list). Just 10 excellent things to read, watch, experience and enjoy. Yes, they still exist and you’re very welcome.


It’s not just the blonde hair and British accent, Stella Gibson is a totally different sort of investigator than Dana Scully. Photo: BBC Two

10. Season 3 of The Fall debuts on Netflix on Oct. 29, the day after the series finishes its run on BBC Two. If you aren’t already a fan of this extra creepy procedural, which stars Gillian Anderson as a driven detective who is remarkably different than Dana Scully, and Jaime Gornan as a smart, scary serial killer, go watch the first two seasons now–there are only 11 episodes total. Pro tip: If you don’t like spoilers, don’t google the show, just go and watch it from the beginning on Netflix or Amazon right now.

pop-up magazine

9. Pop-up Magazine is coming to Kings Theater on Nov. 17 and it’s one of the live performances we’re most excited about this fall. It’s like a journalism variety show in the best possible way, with live storytelling, photography, video and audio pulled together into a heady, coherent experience. If you need a media consumption reset button after reading every single op-ed about the election for the past six months, this my friend, will restore your delight in the fourth estate. Tickets start at $35 and there are still great seats available at $70. (more…)

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