BK Farmyards’ Founder Flies the Coop



Today, Stacy Murphy announced she’s stepping down from BK Farmyards, the urban farm collective she founded in 2009.

A quest for food justice in urban environs led Stacy Murphy to establish BK Farmyards, an urban farming collective that tends two acres of farmland in backyards around Brooklyn; operates its own egg CSA in Crown Heights; and teaches others the art of urban farming, in 2009. After sowing the seeds of her labors for four years, today she announced she’s packing up her shovel and hose and moving to North Carolina. Fans of the urban farm collective should fear not however–Murphy says it and the chickens will be OK in her absence.

“Sometimes you have to prune back a tree to create more fruit,” Murphy wrote in an email announcing her departure. “The work that we do will continue with a little bit of pruning.”

Murphy’s decision to leave comes with a silver lining–she found love online and is following her heart down south.

“When I started online dating, I was really only looking locally, but this was a love that was so big it jumped zip codes. So it’s time for me to bid a fond farewell to BK.”

Murphy says she’ll continue serving as an online consultant for people interesting in micro-farming or growing their own gardens, and in preparation for Murphy’s departure later this spring, BKFY is looking for a new summer youth farm director.