6 Exotic Ingredients You Should Try Cooking With



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Are you stymied by star anise? Confused by kumquats? Perplexed by even the pronunciation of Ponzu? Break through to your final food frontier with Blue Apron.

Whether you choose the 2-person or the family plan, Blue Apron ensures that you will be whipping up meals with unexpected flavor combinations, using fresh ingredients from small farms and specialty vendors.

Have an edge over your foodie friends by introducing them to a Middle Eastern dish featuring barberries, an entree of chili-blackened cod garnished with epazote, or a stunning stir-fry served on Madagascar pink rice. The kumquats (which can be eaten whole) will turn a catfish glaze into a citrusy delight, ponzu sauce is a perfect compliment for your grilled meats and fish, and although the star anise is great for infusing some flavor into a simmer, just let it be decoration in the end.

Take the fear out of new ingredients, save time and money by bypassing the grocery store, and add whole new worlds to your taste buds with Blue Apron. Sign up now to receive two free meals on your first order.